Bringing the Peace of Jesus

As we go through life, God changes us through the grace of forgiveness in Christ so we can in turn love others.

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Fruits of Faith Will Be Remembered


Before His death, Mary annointed Jesus' head and feet with expensive perfume. Jesus commended her for giving a gift from a faith-filled heart that recognized Jesus as her loving Lord and Savior. All such gifts are fruits of faith and will be remembered.

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The Power of the Cross Overcomes the Shame of Sin


Crucifixion (death on a cross) was meant to be a shameful death. But Jesus overcame the cross, and through it removed the shame of our sin and gave us the power to live Godly lives to His glory.

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God Permits a View of His Glory


When God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, He showed Moses a small part of His glory. God shows us His glory through the Gospel of our Savior, Jesus.

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The Most High Is Kind to the Ungrateful and the Wicked


Sinners show love to others because they expect something in return. God showed love to us while we were still sinners. He expects nothing in return. So we love others because God loved us first.

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Christ Has Indeed Been Raised from the Dead


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A Fish Story Without Equal or Embellishment


Jesus did the miracles that are recorded in the Bible to show that He was God, to move people and bring them to faith. The recorded stories are not lies and have not been embellished.

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