Bringing the Peace of Jesus

As we go through life, God changes us through the grace of forgiveness in Christ so we can in turn love others.

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He Has Done All Things Well


Jesus healed a deaf man by simply putting His fingers in the man's ears and touching his tongue. Jesus heals us from our sin through common water in baptism and man-made bread and wine in Holy Communion. We are saved by God's amazing grace!

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God's Love Is the Foundation for Our Obedience


Before God gave His Ten Commandments to the Isrealites, He told them about His love for them and how He saved them from the Egyptians. They responded with joyful obedience. He loves us too, and sent Jesus to save us. So we too obey His commandments.

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Jesus' Name Puts Us Back on our Feet


Jesus' name includes all that He has done and continues to do for us. Jesus' name lifts us to our feet when we are down. And that moves us to praise God.

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What Other Nation Is so Great?


God gives His laws to His people to make them special, seperate from the unbelievers in the world. And He wants us to obey His laws to show that we understand His will. Jesus obeyed perfectly so we go to heaven.

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Why We Don't Want to Leave Jesus Too


Through the Gospel, God enables us to believe in Him. And to trust in the words and promises of Jesus, recorded in the Bible, which give us eternal life.

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The Unpopular Good Things Infrequently Mentioned About the Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit works in our hearts to give us the wisdom to know when and how to stop doing things that are wrong or that will cause us to misstep and harm us or others. The Holy Spirit also leads us to sing songs about Jesus and His work of salvation.

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