Bringing the Peace of Jesus

As we go through life, God changes us through the grace of forgiveness in Christ so we can in turn love others.

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God Makes Himself Known and Reveals His Glory


Just by looking at creation, we know that God is awesome and powerful. And by reading God's Word, the Bible, we know His plan for salvation. Both creation and His Word reveal His glory.

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Our Comfort for All Times and Under All Conditions


Psalm 23, the Good Shepherd psalm, assures us that God's mercy and loving kindness are with us at all times. So that we can be confident and consoled children of God as we walk through the dark valleys of this life.

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You Are Not Alone


Jesus most important promise is that He will be with us always.

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The resurrection is worth dying for


There are some important things worth dying for in life, but not many. You would die for your family, but probably not many co-workers. The resurrection is the foundation of Christianity because it is our proof of salvation. It's worth dying for!

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Jesus is Our Eternal High Priest


What do you want to pass on when you die? Christ passes on his perfection to us to make us holy. We are redeemed by God and his own. He prays for us. What an amazing truth to pass on to others.

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The Swallower is Swallowed


With the many things that can eat you up in life, we need something bigger to believe in, something to give us hope. God promises that Jesus' resurrection is that amazing that is swallows up my darkness, anxiety, guilt and fear.

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