Bringing the Peace of Jesus

As we go through life, God changes us through the grace of forgiveness in Christ so we can in turn love others.

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The Glory of Messiah's Kingdom and the Blessings of Those Who Dwell There


In Psalm 24, King David tells us of the glory of King Jesus', the Messiah's, kingdom. He also tells us how Jesus comes into our hearts through God's Word and Sacraments to cleanse us from sin and vindicate us.

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Be Ready Because Jesus Will Come Again


Description: Jesus told His desciples to be ready for His second coming at the end of the world by trusting in God's Word, guarding against self-indulgance and despair, and continuing to watch and pray.

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A Vision of Christ the King


Jesus Christ is a King who is different from all other kings, because He is the Son of God. His kingdom has no boundaries because He rules within our hearts. And He rules with grace and peace, not rules and fear.

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Out of Great Distress Will Come Deliverance


Many things cause us stress in this world. God says it will continue to increase until Judgement Day. But on that day God will vindicate believers and take us to heaven to be with Him.

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Happy Harmony Between Jesus and His Father


Jesus said that He and God the Father are one. They are in happy harmony about Judgement Day.

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Luther: Called by God to Restore the Gospel


God called Luther to be His Gospel messenger. He gave Luther the capability and the words to use to spread the Gospel. God protected Luther as he remained faithful to God's Word.

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Faithful to the End


Paul gave many years of faithful service to God. But more importantly, God was faithful to Paul by giving him strength to persevere and then giving him a crown of righteousness in heaven. God is faithful to us too.

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The Son of Man's Perfect Service to God


Jesus humbly served God when He lived on this earth, suffered, and died as a ransom for us. He willingly did this to forgive us. Now we should serve others and forgive them just as Jesus did.

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All Things Are Possible with God


It is impossible for us to save ourselves by obeying God's laws. We love our riches more than God. But God did everything for our salvation. And gives us the Holy Spirit so that we can love and trust in God rather than riches.

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A Proper Perspective of One's Importance in the Kingdom


God fills people with the Holy Spirit so that they may humbly use their gifts to spread God's Kingdom. The honor and glory go to God alone.

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